BloxUpTV (main channel) profile picture

Jorrel Stewart is a member of the gaming warriors, he worked on both the profile picture and the channel art for the Gaming Warriors youtube channel.

Jorrel has multiple channels so he had to get one wikia page for all 3 of them.

BloxUpTV: BloxUpTV is Jorrel's first channel that he made and his former gaming channel (which used to be called BloxUp Games) he still has some of his old gaming videos on this channel. Jorrel mainly uses this

My Name Is Jorrel

MyNameIsJorrel (vlog channel) profile picture

channel for his series' and his movies. This channel currently has 53 Subscribers.

MyNameIsJorrel: MyNameIsJorrel is Jorrel's vlog channel which he also does movie reviews on. He has a series on this channel called Nostalgia Dude, slightly based on Nostalgia Critic, this series is Jorrel's point of view on a movie that he either liked, or disliked. This is the second channel that he made and it currently has 26 Subscribers.


Odyssey (gaming channel) profile picture

Odyssey: Odyssey is Jorrel's gaming channel. This is Jorrel's 3rd channel and it currently has 22 Subscribers.

Peanut Butter Warriors Character: Jorrel's Peanut Butter Warriors character is depicted with an afro, and sometimes a mustache

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